Michael J. Wolf DVM, Dairy Production System Specialist,
Country Doctors Veterinary Service, Menomonie, WI -

“Several of my long time clients have purchased a custom designed dairy ventilation system through VES Environmental Solutions. These include cross and wind tunnelled systems. There are definite benefits to cow comfort, health and production compared to existing conventional systems on these dairies. As an added benefit employees don’t mind missing the extremes of weather we have in the upper Midwest. VES continues to explore environmental control system innovations with the goal of achieving improved herd performance & energy efficiency. If you are considering a new facility or upgrading an existing site consider contacting VES for a comparison to conventional systems. You may also want to plan a tour of the VES Dairy Systems to aid in your decision.”


Paul Fetzer, Manager of Fetzer Farms Inc., Elmwood, WI -

"We installed a VES total system including side wall tunnel, high pressure fogging, computerized control, floating stall, headlocks and gates. We were pleasantly surprised with the immediate results. Over the last year we have seen a big improvement in production and animal health. Currently we are milking around 1270 with 1600 or so on site. It is nice to work with a company that is committed to improving the dairy industry and our bottom line."


Lee Jensen, General Manager, 5 Star Dairy LLC., 1,000
Head Dairy Herd -

"We worked with the VES team from the beginning. They designed a system for my special needs barn. I use recycled manure for my bedding and their cyclone fan was the only fan available in the world that cooled the cows and dried the bedding. We had one of the coldest winters in years. With the VES ventilation and stall system we had no costly freeze ups. I would recommend working with the VES team."